Terms of Service


The purchase agreement will come into being after payment of the order and acceptance of the order by: Pilot Distribution Group BV (PDG), Den binnen 3, NL-5674 TW Nuenen, The Netherlands. If Pilot Distribution Group BV (PDG) cannot execute the order, it will notify the ordering party within a reasonable time. In any case, the ordering party cannot claim any damages as a result of the refusal of the order.


The ordered products are sent to the address supplied by the buyer at the moment of the order. The delivery is at the expense and risk of the buyer. Delivery of fountain pens takes place through bpost with a tracking number. For deliveries within the EU, a cost of 25 EUR is charged per delivery. For deliveries outside of the EU, a cost of 35 EUR is charged per delivery. Possible further customs or import duties shall be borne by the buyer. The standard delivery time of ordered products is 14 days from the moment of the acceptance of the order by Pilot Distribution Group BV (PDG) and the receipt of payment. However, in certain circumstances, the delivery can take up to 90 days after the acceptance of the order by Pilot Distribution Group BV (PDG) and the receipt of payment.