Terms of Service

Terms of Service


The purchase agreement will come into being after payment of the order and acceptance of the order by: Pilot Distribution Group BV (PDG), Den binnen 3, NL-5674 TW Nuenen, The Netherlands. If Pilot Distribution Group BV (PDG) cannot execute the order, it will notify the ordering party within a reasonable time. In any case, the ordering party cannot claim any damages as a result of the refusal of the order.


The ordered products are sent to the address supplied by the buyer at the moment of the order. The delivery is at the expense and risk of the buyer. Delivery of fountain pens takes place through bpost with a tracking number. For deliveries within the EU, a cost of 25 EUR is charged per delivery. For deliveries outside of the EU, a cost of 35 EUR is charged per delivery. Possible further customs or import duties shall be borne by the buyer. The standard delivery time of ordered products is 14 days from the moment of the acceptance of the order by Pilot Distribution Group BV (PDG) and the receipt of payment. However, in certain circumstances, the delivery can take up to 90 days after the acceptance of the order by Pilot Distribution Group BV (PDG) and the receipt of payment.


In addition to the general warranty required by law, Pilot Distribution Group BV based in The Netherlands provides a guarantee for 12 months from the date of purchase. Pilot Distribution Group BV shall reject any liability for both indirect damage caused by accidents and consequential damage. Any contradictory or extended national rights of the purchaser are not affected by  this warranty. Place of performance and jurisdiction The Netherlands. Dutch law shall apply. Submit any warranty claims to your retailer or a Pilot Distribution Group BV. Any defects recognised by Pilot Distribution Group BV as a warranty claim will be repaired or replaced by a Pilot Distribution Group BV Service Center. Warranty and guarantee claims can be made only by the original purchaser with a valid sales receipt. There shall be no claim under the guarantee for:

  • • Normal wear and tear caused by use of the components
    • Incorrect assembly
    • Incorrect or non-existent maintenance
    • Incorrectly completed repairs
    • Use of unsuitable products
    • Modification of components
    • Incorrect use or misuse
    • Use other than its intended correct and proper use
    • Carelessness
    • Leasing, commercial use or use in competitions
    • Damage caused by accidents
    • Delivery and transport damage
    • Modification or defacing


The consumer in the EU will notify Pilot Distribution Group BV immediately in case the products are not in conformity with the order or are not suitable for the use for which these products usually serve. In any case, this notification will not take place more than two months after the moment the non-conformity is established. For professional buyers and for consumers from outside the EU, the notification of the non-conformity will have to be notified immediately to Pilot Distribution Group BV, at the latest three days after the delivery. In case of timely notification of the non conformity, Pilot Distribution Group BV will replace or repair the product at no charge. If the replacement or the repair were to be impossible, or if the cost of doing so would be out of proportion compared to the paid price, then the consumer can ask for a suitable reduction in price. If the non-conformity is not of a limited importance, then the consumer can also ask for the anulment of the purchase with a reimbursement of the paid price. In any case, if the buyer will have had use of the product after the delivery, then this shall be taken into account for the reimbursement.


These general conditions will always be applicable in the relationship between the parties. Differing clauses used by the counterparty will be considered to be inapplicable, except where explicitly accepted in writing by Grocon. Silence shall not be seen as an acceptance of other conditions or as an acceptance of the modification of these conditions. If a specific clause, or part of a specific clause, of these conditions is held to be null or unenforceable, then the other clauses shall remain valid and shall keep their effect. The nullity or unenforceability shall therefore be limited to the specific clause, or part of clause, that has been declared null or unenforceable. This purchase agreement and the relationship between the parties shall be governed by Dutch law. Unless mandatory legislation determines otherwise, only the courts of Eindhoven will be competent to rule on any dispute resulting from this purchase agreement or from the relationship between the parties.


The prices of the products are mentioned on the website. Pilot Distribution Group BV accepts payment through Paypal or through the transfer to the account number mentioned on the order confirmation. The processing of the order shall nog begin before the payment has been received. You may not conduct any systematic or automated data collection activities (including without limitation scraping, data mining, data extraction and data harvesting) in relation to this website. You may not use this website to send unsolicited commercial advertisement.