Titanium Bicycles

A Pilot Distribution Original.

We know: in this world, there are many good bikes for sale. But bikes that match you and your riding style into the smallest, most tiny detail are very rare.

We build those personal bikes, whether it is a mountain bike, road bike, gravel racer or touring bike. And always from the best frame building material available on this planet: titanium.

Owning and riding an original titanium Pilot makes you part of a select group of cyclists that like to stand out from the crowd. Every Pilot has its own story.

It is a story you will be writing yourselves, from the first sketches of your design ideas, to the first ride after the build has been finalized. Many, many years you will be enjoying the magical riding qualities of your handcrafted, high grade titanium frame.

Carbon bicycles

A Pilot Distribution Original.

Ventus road bikes are very competitive during every road race and your weekend trips. The brand is also competitive in pricing. State of the art carbon frames hand made and custom build, using the finest materials and finished with best high solid paint.

Electric Vehicles

A Pilot Distribution Original.

EVE stands for MP2C, no stock, degradable materials and local production plants. The new generation of electric vehicles will be based on an architecture developed specifically for battery-electric models, which is scalable in every respect and usable across all models.

High-end bicycle wheels

A Pilot Distribution Original.

It’s all about the wheels

Hubs, rims, spoke nipples, quick releases and many other parts all developed in house with the greatest passion we share with many .. High quality carbon and aluminum wheel sets hand built in the workshop of the Pilot Distribution group.

Take a look at the OHR Cycling website and discover all our wheels. Interested? Contact us to find out what OHR adds to your store product range.

Exustar pedals

A Pilot Distribution Partner.

Exustar is a quiet achiever. For over 20 years Exustar produce highly professional range of cycling pedals. We diligently toil away, researching, testing and constantly improving our products.

Our reputation stands on our products alone, products that are exceptional value for quality and features that offer.

High-end bicycle parts

Fouriers bicycle parts

are known in the world of high-quality bicycle parts. From derailleur cage to crank bolt, Di2 seat post to stem and the most convenient computer mounts on the market in a wide range.

Pilot Distribution Group delivers these high-end parts to your store with the greatest convenience from a large stock.


KINEKT Seatposts allow you to stay in the saddle over more terrain, maintaining a more consistent connection to your bike while isolating you from bumps and vibrations. Your body, bike, and surface create a linked system of moving parts. Excess movement throughout this system causes discomfort at delicate points of contact between rider and bike – you know what we’re talking about!

STT bikefitting

3DMA is a family of products for biomechanical analysis based on optical motion capture. They all share a unique motion capture engine and biomechanics module, but each of the packages has been tailored to specific applications. Whether you are interested in gait analysis, running analysis or a certain joint assessment, there is a 3DMA product that will suit your needs.

High-End tools

Snap-on Inc. exists more than 90 years and has become the industry standard in various technical sectors. The range of Snap-on consists of more than 15,000 high-quality products. Snap-on Tools considers the trade characteristics service, speed and quality of paramount importance.

PDG exclusively supplies bicycle shops and industry in the Netherlands. Click below to check a small selection of our product range. Are you looking for Snap-on products that are not visible on our website please feel free to contact us.

Light Weight bicycle parts

Coming straight from the Black Forest in Germany, Tune impresses the bicycle community with light weight, high-quality bike parts already for over 25 years.

If you are looking for great wheels, hubs, saddles, handlebars, or stems Tune is what you need.

Because PDG is the official BeNeLux distributor we are able to fill your shop and customer needs with these top-notch bicycle stuff.